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Red Square Audio Gearsource Europe form Strategic Alliance

29 November 2009

Having thoroughly enjoyed their union at the recent PLASA Show, Red Square Audio and Gearsource Europe have continued working together to increase their respective market goals.

The strategy is quite simple as RSA MD Paul Nicholson explains: “Due to the economic downturn I was looking at ways of making what we believe are already extremely competitively priced products, namely the Tannoy VQ Live and the Innovason Eclipse, even more affordable. It’s clear that some rental companies are reluctant to enter into finance schemes when interest rates are virtually at zero, yet lenders are still asking for 10% + APR interest on leasing and hire purchase deals. So, we decided that one particular route to owning new cutting edge audio products would be to offer a brokerage scheme whereby Gearsource Europe could directly manage a deal to move on a customer’s existing or redundant equipment in order to release funds for new purchases from RSA.

“Everyone wants to offer their customers innovative solutions using up to date technology and as a distributor of high end systems we are no different in this respect to our clients who in turn want to own these great products. So, releasing capital through Gearsource Europe for new purchases can be a great way to go and may well be entirely self financing or with profits in many instances. Even when the price of the VQ Live and Eclipse can’t be fully covered by the sale of ex-rental equipment the balance is not going to be a deal breaker as they are extremely cost effective products in the first place. We’re hoping for some significant business through this scheme as we believe it is an exciting and l way forward for everyone involved”.

Gearsource Europe’s Keith Dale remarked “Gearsource Europe along with US-based Gearsource, collectively, is the world's largest e-seller in used and B-stock production gear. To maintain this position we are constantly looking for new sources of products to list on our website. By working with Red Square Audio we have been able to develop new vendor customers from whom we have identified many items to place in front of thousands of potential customers around the world. By selling slow or obsolete rental stock on behalf of these ‘vendor customers’ they, in turn, are able to invest in great new product such as RSA’s Tannoy VQ Live and Innovason Eclipse.”

Dale added: “Although we normally encourage ‘vendor customers’ to list the items they have for sale directly on our website, we have offered a free service to customers of RSA whereby we do this for them free of charge. All they need do is send us a list of items with pictures. And if they haven’t got pictures we’ll even visit their site to take these for them!” Gearsource Europe’s Garry Nelsson noted: “Between us, we have many years experience dealing globally and can efficiently move any item, from small amplifier through to sea container, anywhere in the world thereby making sales into countries that might be out of reach to many individuals less familiar with international trade possibilities”.





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