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Partnership between Spotlight and Apollo Design Technology

2 December 2009

Spotlight, the Italian professional lighting manufacturer, has named Apollo Design Technology as new exclusive distributor for the U.S.A. Apollo showcased Spotlight’s Architectural range for the first time during LDI in Orlando.

“Since its founding in 1992, Apollo Design Technology, Inc. has gained a worldwide position in the production and distribution of special effects products to the entertainment lighting industry, as a leading producer of custom gobos, color filters etc.” states Apollo President Joel Nichols. “Now the partnership with Spotlight is a new avenue: by combining our existing expertise in high quality gobo projections with the stronger light output and aesthetic design of these “made in Italy” fixtures, we believe we can successfully offer unique solutions to the architectural market."

Augusto Andraghetti, Spotlight’s President said: “Celebrating our 40th birthday, we really welcome Apollo into our network of exclusive distributor, located in a hundred of Countries in the world. This new partnership between Spotlight and Apollo is based on a similar strategic mission: no matter the product, both the Spotlight and the Apollo brands are recognized as one of innovation, quality, and value always backed with the highest level of service.Our work has been always focused to the continuous improvement and the technical innovation, in order to exceed the Customer's expectations and to be always a step ahead in providing solutions for the performing arts. Now I am looking forward to working with Apollo: I am sure that this partnership will open lots of new
successful business relationships."





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