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Roland Restructures Brand Distribution in Europe

7 December 2009

Roland Corporation has announced a restructure of its brands and a merger of operations between Edirol Europe and Roland JV subsidiaries to give more focus and strength to its distribution throughout key markets in Europe starting effective from 1st of January 2010.

This merger of operations will take place in all territories where both Roland and Edirol Europe currently operate and will result in a more streamlined distribution network throughout Europe with Edirol and RSS allied together and distributed by the Roland Systems Group companies.  Roland, Cakewalk and Boss will be handled by the music distribution arm of Roland.

The Edirol brand, with its focus on market-leading Video products and hi-end Field Recorders, will become fully integrated within the Roland Systems Group, consolidating an audiovisual solution powerhouse alongside Roland’s award-winning RSS Digital Snake and V-Mixer range, based on their industry-leading REAC* protocol.
Edirol Europe started 11 years ago in London and quickly became a key sole distributor in Europe for Edirol-branded products manufactured by Roland and specifically designed to address new markets in the fields of audio and video recording, editing and mixing. The company premiered many groundbreaking products in various areas such as USB and FireWire audio capture interfaces, hand-held field recording products, video editing suites, vision mixers and visual effects processors.

Edirol’s innovative and award-winning R-09HR field recorder has sold hundreds of thousands of units worldwide, while products like the UA-25 audio interface and PCR controller range have became industry standards in computer-based music production. The Edirol brand now clearly leads the visual performance market with products like the V-4 and V-8 video mixers and will to continue to grow new business in this market thanks to its expansion with a full range of HD-ready products (high-definition video).

Edirol Europe’s Founder and President Massimo Barbini says: “We are extraordinarily proud of what we have achieved in Europe with Edirol over the last 11 years. We have managed to enter completely new markets from scratch and build some amazing success stories along the way by working very closely with key partners in the industry. The merger of operations with existing Roland JV companies will guarantee continuity of this success story and allow Roland to focus on its brands with a whole new level of coordinated efforts inside the group. I would like to thank all of my colleagues for having spent many great years together and for all of their hard work in making Edirol what it is today.”

The Roland and Boss brands will continue to lead the way in the musical instrument sector, while the Cakewalk by Roland brand will be focused on computer music hardware and software products, effectively becoming Roland’s desktop music production brand. Roland’s desktop music products will therefore continue the trend started at the beginning of 2009 and be branded Cakewalk by Roland, meaning that Cakewalk now has an unrivalled range of software and hardware, making it one of the biggest names in computer music.

John Booth, Director of Roland Corporation Japan states: “We are pleased to announce this very positive merger of operations and brand realignment. We believe it will significantly improve our brands, product lines, distribution and potential customer awareness and understanding of what we do across all of our product ranges. We are pleased to bolster our Roland Systems Group operations with the complete audiovisual range of products now jointly represented by Edirol for video and RSS for audio. The Roland and Boss brands continue to lead the way in their respective markets while Cakewalk is now one of the strongest brands in desktop music production.”





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