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Adamson adds partner in Cochabamba, Bolivia

11 December 2009

In Bolivia, where music is part of daily life, technology is changing the way people listen. Smaller shows can be just as technologically advanced as the big ones.

What gets taken out on the big tours coming through the larger cities will reflect the attitude smaller companies have towards brands, but in countries such as Bolivia where companies invest significantly greater portions of their incomes to attain high end technology many factors weigh in. The newest factors are Internet resource sites such as, the biggest Spanish speaking pro audio community where thousands of Spanish speaking countries audio professionals discuss pros and cons of products, and get industry news on latest developments.

Cochabamba is located in central Bolivia, in a valley bearing the same name within the Andes Mountains. It is the third largest city in Bolivia with a metropolitan population of more than 1,000,000 people and is often referred to as the "City of Eternal Spring" due to its spring-like temperatures all year round.

In Cochabamba, the Cespedes Brothers Wilson and Ygort, established Studio Mediterraneo 19 years ago. A young lawyer Rolando Caseres, joined the brothers a few years later, filling the shoes of shop manager and corporate client liaison.  Today G.M. Wilson is also the head of the audio department and Ygort is the chief audio engineer and they boast nine full-time employees. Studio Mediterraneo works the small- to mid-sized festivals, shows and corporate projects.

In the early days of the company, Mediterraneo built their own cabinets. They have since followed with an inventory of brands such as RCF, Behringer, Peavey and EAW, and recently invested in 16 Adamson Y10 line-array modules. Other top notch gear they count on include Digidesign Digital- and Allen & Heath Analog consoles, Martin moving lights, and LED Video Screens.

Mediterraneo initially heard of Adamson through another Adamson user, Big Shows Entertainment, based in capital La Paz. They were so impressed with the clarity and SPL the system delivered, they consequently decided on Adamson. Daniel Fernandez of Abba Trading, Adamson’s Latin American Distributor, recently held a private Mediterraneo training seminar in Bolivia.





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