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Eclipse shines at la Cité des Sciences in Paris

La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie is one of the largest and most visited science museums in the world. Located on an impressive modern site in northeast Paris which includes the distinctive and futuristic geodesic dome, the Géode, it is also home to a large international convention centre. As part of a recent facility upgrade, the main 910-capacity Gaston Berger amphitheatre was equipped with an Eclipse digital mixing console from Innovason supplied by Studio Sextan in Paris. Best known for their recording studio, Sextan also offers AV rental and installation services.

The theatre hosts everything from seminars, AV presentations, one-man shows and Christmas pantomimes to full-blown rock concerts, so the console had to be both flexible and easily configurable. Sliman Maouchi, the convention centre’s technical coordinator who was responsible for the refurbishment, including the sound system, takes up the story. “We’d already heard Innovason consoles performing at external events, so we were keen to try out the new Eclipse, but we tested it against two other well known digital consoles in a similar category before making our decision,” he recalled. “The Eclipse was simply better in every respect – far better sound quality, and the ergonomics of the desk are truly amazing.”
Sound engineer Christophe Bardin, who the main operator for the Eclipse, agreed wholeheartedly. “I love the fact that any fader can be anything, and the colour-coded LEDs mean that you can see at a glance what you’ve put where. There is direct access to just about every feature the desk has to offer, which makes operation incredibly quick and easy. The other thing to note is that, for all its sophistication and clever features, it is still a piece of cake to work with – fast, intuitive and totally adaptable to your own personal style. That’s obviously great for us, but it makes life much easier when we have visiting engineers, too. They are up and running in no time. So far, everyone who has tried it loves this desk!”
The onboard M.A.R.S. recorder was another definite plus for Sliman and his team. “A recording of the conference is part of the service we offer to clients hosting their events here,” explained Sliman. “Previously we would record directly onto a CD or a DVD, but we had no way of keeping records, so if the client lost the CD or requested further copies after the event, there was not much we could do. However, M.A.R.S. records onto an integrated hard disk, so we’ll be able to keep records for a period of at least 3 months after each event, and of course the client can have as many copies as he needs.”
Sliman’s final observation concerned Sextan. “We have had a great relationship with Sextan, and in particular Hervé Martin, from the beginning,” he noted. “Their service has been exemplary, and their satisfaction comes from seeing a job well done, not just in notching up another sale. They’ve been a pleasure to deal with on every level.”





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