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Turbosound plays it cool at Coachella

25 June 2008

Taking place at the end of April in Indio, California, the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival regularly sees festival-goers enduring temperatures in the high 90s Fahrenheit.

In that kind of heat, somewhere to cool off is essential and with one area providing cool music via Turbosound loudspeakers as well as shade and water, it inevitably proved one of the most popular parts of the festival.

A total of five main stages for live acts were dotted around Coachella - this year headlined by Roger Waters and Prince – with the aforementioned ‘cool’ area run by the Do Lab artist network. Ostensibly an art installation, it featured kind souls wielding hosepipes to help cool festival-goers off, as well as the latest dance beats and DJ sets playing in ‘hexaphonic’ sound day and night.

Audio provider Whump! Sound provided an all-Turbosound rig for the installation, with four Aspect® TA-880 mid-highs and three TSW-718 subs per side of the DJ stage. Two Floodlights and two more TSW-718s covered each of the two mid points of the circle, while filling the rear were an Aspect Wide TA-500 full range cabinet and sub per side. Four Turbosound TSW-124 subs were additionally positioned in front of the DJ stage.

“The sound was well controlled and did not bleed much to the other areas of the festival. And having six points, the sound was immersive and very clean,” says Whump! Sound’s Ian Ingram.

“We had continuous compliments throughout the event - including some from the other production crews. Indeed, many people felt it was the best sound on the entire site until Roger Waters headline set on the final night - but I suspect that might have had as much to do with the act as the sound…”





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