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Tannoy Stay One Step Ahead With EASE

25 June 2008

Tannoy Limited has announced at InfoComm International that they have become the world%u2019s first loudspeaker manufacturer to license EASE Address.

EASE Address is the unique design verification software package that enables system designers and specifiers to quickly and accurately position, model and confirm ceiling distributed speaker systems utilising Tannoy™ loudspeaker products.

Comparable to a reader-software it uses GLL or SPK definition files that define a specific ceiling or wall-mounted loudspeaker with regard to its geometrical and acoustical properties. Unlike conventional 2D ceiling speaker software, EASE Address allows for complex room shapes with varying ceiling heights.

The purpose of EASE Address is to provide both the end user, who needs to quickly develop a simple design for a ceiling loudspeaker system, as well as the developer, with a tool that allows the easy and quick prediction of the system performance in a given hall. 

The functionality of EASE Address has been developed from EASE, the professional electro and room acoustic simulation software developed by ADA (Acoustic Design Ahnert) Berlin, Germany.

Tannoy’s active role in the development of EASE Address reaffirms their position as a leading innovator in loudspeaker development. The software will be available as a free download from in early July.





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