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Avolites in control at Glastonbury

2 July 2008

Avolites lighting consoles were once again the universally popular 'console of choice' Glastonbury Festival.

Over 28 Avolites consoles were in action, along with at least 20 Avolites Art2000 dimmer racks.

Jazz World - DPL

At Jazz World, lighting was supplied by Essex-based DPL for the second year running, and designed by DPL director Pete Watts, who specified an Avo Diamond 4 Vision for his console. This was controlling 28 moving lights (a mix of Robe and Martin), an assortment of PARs, ACL’s and ETC Source Four profiles, plus ChromaQ db4 LED battens, a backdrop of 42 square metres of ChromaQ ColorWeb LED and 6 Robe LED blinders on top of the PA towers. The results were stunning!

The LED fixtures were fed with content from a Hippotizer v3 digital media server triggered by the D4. “The D4 is flexible, powerful and gives instant access to everything, which - when you have moving lights, generics, digital and architectural lighting, plus visiting LEDs to accommodate – is absolutely essential” comments Watts.

Artists appearing on Jazz World included Jimmy Cliff, Estelle, Joan Armatrading, Ethiopiques, Eddy Grant, Manu Chao and many others.

Pyramid – Neg Earth

On the Pyramid Stage, Amy Winehouse’s LD Chris Bushell used a Diamond 4 Vision for her stonking Saturday night performance, Editors LD Chris Steel did the same on the Friday, and lighting for The Verve, who closed the Pyramid Stage on Sunday evening was also Avo D4 controlled. All lighting equipment for the Pyramid and Other Stages was supplied by Neg Earth.

Colour Sound Experiment

Over on the West Dance Stage, the familiar party team of Jaz Bullah and Stuart “Woody” Wood operated another Diamond 4 Vision. They split the operational duties into shifts, and lighting kit was supplied by Colour Sound Experiment. The D4 was controlling 18 Robe moving lights, Atomic strobes, PARs, 2-lites and i-Pix BB7 and BB4 LED wash lights.

Colour Sound also supplied Avo desks to the G Stage (Pearl Expert operated by Toby Lovegrove), The Silent Disco (a Pearl Expert operated by Kester McLure), the Dance Village Lounge Bar (Pearl 2004 operated by the Colour Sound Collective), Continental Drifts stage (Pearl Expert operated by Adam Povey), the Baseline Circus/Shangri La tent (Diamond 4 Elite operated by Alan King) … and 5 Pearl Tigers covering lighting control in the larger of the 18 Workers Beer Company bars across the site.

Colour Sound also supplied lighting for the Glade Stage, which was designed by Jasper Johns, who operated the stage lighting using a Pearl Expert, while Stuart Picton ran a Tiger controlling all the environmental lighting.


Bristol based Fineline once again serviced their traditional Glasto areas of the Theatre, Circus Big Top, Cabaret and Acoustic stages. Circus was again designed by James “Judge” Loudon and the Pearl Expert running the shows for this hectically scheduled arena was operated by him, Jan Osborne and Didier Barreau. Over in the Theatre tent, Hal Himsworth used another Pearl Expert, and so did Kris Lundberg in the Cabaret tent. All these areas also featured ART2000 48-way dimmers.

The Acoustic Tent lighting was designed by Rob Sangwell, complete with a D4 for control, operated by Sangwell and Mike Dicken. Fixtures included Martin and Robe moving lights and assorted conventionals.

Fineline also supplied kit to the Outdoor Circus stage (a Pearl 2004 operated by Chris Drake), the Blazing Saddle stage (a Pearl 2004 operated by Tim Williams) and the Jazz Bar lighting, run from another Fineline Pearl 2004

South West Audio

South West Audio supplied lighting for the ever-popular John Peel Tent, featuring the hottest new music talents-of-the-moment, with a rig designed by Cate Carter. She specified an Avo Diamond 4 Elite console for its power, dynamics and quick programming. This was controlling 24 Robe moving lights and 72 channels of Avo dimming for PARs and other conventionals.

South West Audio dispatched a Pearl Expert to the main stage in The Park area, where the rig was and operated by Marc Rogers. This popular stage rocked with a full line up and headliners Pete Doherty, CSS and My Morning Jacket across the 3 days of the Festival

Also in The Park, the Radio 1 Introducing stage energised some of the best unsigned and just-signed musical talent on the planet, with lighting controlled by another Pearl 2004 from SW Audio, operated by Liam Griffiths.


Over in the Fields of Avalon, Southampton-based GLS were again lighting contractors. The kit list in here was headed with an Avo Diamond 4 that was programmed and operated by Will Thomas and Matt Morris. Fixtures included Robe moving lights ChromaQ ColorBlock DB4 LED battens and Source Four profiles.


Siyan supplied a Pearl 2004 and lighting for the Leftfield stage, with John Baker looking after FOH and the console, along with an enthusiastic team of students from the Brit School. They had no trouble picking up how to operate the Pearl very quickly, allowing Baker more time than usual to enjoy the line up while overseeing the action.

Avolife on Site

As is tradition, Avolites also sent a strong team of ‘Avolifers’ to site. Their mission was to enjoy the great atmosphere, catch up with Avolife friends – old, new and groovy - all over site and help everyone party on happily for yet another uniquely fabulous Glasto weekend, claimed as one of the best for 10 years and blessed with sunshine.

The 2008 Avolife team were : Koy Neminathan, Lindsey Markham, Phil Blue, Isa Sapin, Nick Forro, Aziz Adilkhodjaev, Stephen Booker, Stephen Baird-Smith, Luke Kou and Greg Haynes.

Koy Neminathan says “Even without our legendary ‘public face’ Steve Warren there - and very conspicuous by his absence - the whole team made up for this by getting to every stage, meeting most LDs on site and partying hard till the early hours every night in true Steve Warren fashion!!”





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