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Comprehensive Martin Pro install at the Mule

16 July 2008

The Mule nightclub in Penticton is the happening nightspot in town and club owners Lorne Leier and Bill Proznick want to keep it that way.

So the club was recently outfitted with bright and economical Martin smartMAC™ moving head effects.

The smartMAC is a bright 150 W moving head profile luminaire that offers club owners a number of benefits: superior reliability, long service intervals, total silence and reduced power bills thanks to a unique fanless cooling system that avoids forcing dust and pollutants into the fixture. The smartMAC kicks out an impressive show of multiple effects and color as well.

“We had lots of patience in working with this project and therefore didn’t encounter many hurdles,” says owner Lorne Leier. “We took time in thinking out the layout and took proper procedures when time came to execute. We didn’t have our mouths precede our brains. I guess you could say it was installed ‘smartly.’

“We decided to go with Martin as a referral from Skaha Sound, our dealer here in Penticton.” Skaha acquire their Martin gear from Martin Canada.

The lighting upgrade also included an Atomic 3000 strobe for that extra punch and a PC-based Martin LightJockey control system. “Having the touch screen component makes things very quick and easy to use,” Lorne went on to say. “Changing the effects to its required moods is now done instantly.”

Martin Canada’s sales rep for Western Canada, Clayton Hubick, created the lighting design for the dance floor. “They absolutely achieved the look they were going for,” he states. “There have been many descriptions given to its new look - West Coast, San Francisco, New Orleans lounge - the venue definitely attracts many guests. It looks mint!”

Lorne expresses his satisfaction with the lighting upgrade. “Everyone that comes to the club loves the glow of it all,” he says. “It’s a warm and inviting feeling. Exciting and invigorating, everyone is very impressed. All thanks to the dealer and the backup support.”





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