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Dynacord hosts club tour in Las Vegas

22 July 2008

Why was the recent InfoComm trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center the perfect occasion for the Dynacord Club Tour?

Because most of the city’s top clubs and lounges feature systems from the leading German pro audio manufacturer.

Dozens of industry professionals took some time off the show floor to join the tour, which visited the Cathouse ultra lounge at the Luxor hotel and the Hard Rock Hotel’s pool and Body English club. The tour was hosted by Bob Athey and Frank Heinrich of FBP Group, who designed and installed the systems, with support from Jeff Taylor and Gary Pace of Dynacord.

Far from being a sales-pitch-heavy field trip, the tour was designed to let the sound systems speak for themselves as to why Dynacord has become THE brand of choice for the most critical club installations in the world’s most competitive entertainment market. From the super-compact Variline systems installed discretely in the décor at Cathouse to the mighty alpha concept systems that have turned Body English into one of Vegas’s top clubs, a single message came across loud and clear: no other brand delivers such a finely balanced combination of precise sonic detail and massive power handling.

In the Cathouse, the seamless distribution of compact VL 62 systems (controlled and processed by Electro-Voice NetMax) demonstrated a unique balance of finesse and efficiency; eight systems can run off one channel of a Dynacord LX3000 amplifier, yet easily deliver 115dB of distortion-free sound. And, of course, their impressive performance-to-size ratio means they don’t interfere with the club’s stylish interior furnishings.

The Hard Rock pool, which attracts thousands to its Sunday “Rehab” events, is Cobra-4 country. Despite the brutal heat, the Dynacord systems—Variline fills are also installed—pump away for 12 hours a day in often brutal heat, and have won the respect of top international DJs like Paul van Dyk and Tiesto. FBP Group is proud to report there has not been a single woofer failure despite the challenging poolside conditions.

Behind the scenes at the pool install, the amplification and software-controlled DSP and distribution hardware is equally impressive; the Power H 5000 amp rack, remote controlled via IRIS-Net and streamlined with an Electro-Voice NetMax N8000 DSP/matrix controller, proves the power and processing can be just as sexy as the speakers—every tour guest grinned upon turning the corner into the amp room!

When the alpha concept system was turned on at Body English, jaws dropped. The prerequisite power and low-end the system delivers was coupled with an incredible degree of clarity and smooth responsiveness—details that set the system so far apart from the competition that it is considered a true audio engineering masterpiece. Again, the alpha system, with an array of protection features (as is standard on all Dynacord loudspeakers), ensures operational safety as well as sonic muscle—especially important now most DJs use MP3s for their sets.

Here’s what a couple of guests had to say after the tour:

“I have always been impressed by the sonic performance and craftsmanship of Dynacord products, since my introduction to the line a few years ago. Seeing the Dynacord Cobra, Variline, and alpha concept products in the high end installs of a company as young and strong as the FBP Group shows me that the product is able to stand up to the competition while helping the FBP Group build a strong foundation as one of the elite club installers in the ever changing city of Las Vegas.”
Jeff Kang, Monitor/Systems Engineer, Custom Audio Inc., Hawaii

“The Dynacord tour rocked!  My two associates and I really loved the opportunity to see—and hear—the product in all its glory. Hats-off to all these installs. We came away with new insight and excitement for the entire line.”
 Ric Webb, Mills Music, Seattle





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