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VMB: TL-A400 & TL-A500

VMB has released the new TL-A400 and TL-A500 line array lifters. Both lifts have been manufactured to be as compact as possible whilst retaining all the features of the rest of the line array series.

The TL-A400 lifts 400kg (882lbs) to 6m (19.7’) and with a stowed height of just 1.67m is extremely compact. The TL-A500 lifts 500kg (1102lb) to 7m (23') and is the companies most powerful lifter. Both come with the ALS (Auto Lock Security) system, a safety feature which automatically locks the lift masts as they rise. The lift also has the SRS (Sequence Retainer System) built-in to it. The SRS means that the sections of the lift rise and descend in sequence, one after the other.

The masts are manufactured from highest-grade aluminium for low weight. Steel outriggers & base as well as lateral support bars add further security and stability to the lifts. The special design means that a line array can be loaded at half a metre from the lift’s main body enabling the array to be curved to achieve the desired coverage angle. They also both come with VMB's 1700kg double handle winch. 

The BGV-C1 certified lifts offer an ideal solution for rental companies looking to elevate their line array quickly and safely. The Spanish company claims that a line array can be rigged up and lifted in less than 15 minutes. Also available in the TL-A line array series are the TL-A150 (150kg) TL-A220 (220kg) and the TL-A300 (300kg).






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