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Amika Club in Dubai Opts for Dynacord

Described as the “sister experience” of the exclusive club of the same name in London's High Street Kensington, Dubai's latest hot spot is called the Amika. In the Amika Dubai, nothing whatsoever has been left to chance; everything - the decor, the ambience, the lighting and the sound - reflects the opulence and luxury that make Dubai one of the jet set's favourite destinations.

The planning and the search for just the right location for the Amika Dubai took a year, and over two months were then devoted to the selection and installation of the ultimate sound system – the winning solution being one from Dynacord.

Installed by CEG Technologies of Dubai, the Amika solution is based on the Dynacord VariLine, with 19 VL-262, four Sub 18 and three Sub 115 enclosures underscoring a no-compromise approach to this outstanding club installation.

"We were acutely aware of the extremely high hurdle we had to clear if the Dubai club was to live up to the very high reputation of its sister club in London," recalls Chant Utukian, CEG Technologies' Project Manager.

"The directors of the Amika were adamant that the standards set by the London club should be maintained in every respect." Especially in terms of sound quality. That's why what Utukian describes as an “extremely meticulous” examination of all the competing sound reinforcement systems on the market was conducted before the final choice was made, with both the client and the installation company agreeing that Dynacord offered the best solution.

Three considerations - aside from the sound performance – played a decisive role in this decision: "First of all, Dynacord has a bureau in Dubai offering local support," says Utukian. "Secondly, Dynacord's partner AVL Electronics LLC offers first-class after sales service. And thirdly, Dynacord - by virtue of installations in the largest and best clubs in the world, such as Pasha in New York - enjoys a reputation nowhere short of outstanding within the industry."

AVL Electronics employed simulations to guide the design and configuration of the sound system, and their calculations were clearly spot-on. "As soon as they heard the system, our customers were not only astonished but captivated. They could see it was compact and elegant, but it also produced considerably higher sound pressure levels than they expected.

"After the very first sound check, their spontaneous reaction was to congratulate the entire CEG team on their choice of loudspeakers and to promise that for all their future projects, Dynacord would be the proverbial “first name on the team sheet."





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