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Community iBOX Goes Hollywood

The legendary Screen Actors Guild Foundation will soon celebrate the third anniversary of the Actors Center, a one-of-a kind resource center located in the mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles. And Community Professional Loudspeakers is proud to be partnering with the SAG Foundation Actors Center.

Theatre designer Allen Pellerin of Systems Integration Group designed the 125-seat screening room's state-of-the-art digital audio and video systems, including a pair of Community iBOX i2W8 two-way loudspeaker systems. The system is used during professional seminars, workshops and celebrity interviews, as well as for a wide range of one-off performances.
"The i2W8 loudspeakers sound incredible," reports the centre's Director, Casey Lewis. "They are so amazingly crisp, clean and clear. I am really impressed by their performance."  
For Los Angeles, a city that is home to more than 70,000 actors, the SAG Foundation Actors Center is the first facility of its kind where actors can network, participate in workshops, screen films, edit reels and just meet up and talk.
The centre also includes rehearsal rooms, classroom space, computer lab, social area and more. "We're proud to say we've been successfully offering these services at the Actors Center, free of charge, for more than two years now," says Lewis "We've built upon our initial design, and have been fortunate enough to include some great partners in the facility, including Community, SIM2, Da-Lite Screen Company, AMX and more. This is especially important to us as we've reached out to an additional 24,000 actors across the country this year through our live web streaming and archived seminars."





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