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Dataton in Art at Ruskin Digital Gallery

Dataton WATCHOUT multi-image production and presentation software manages the display of content in the stunning Ruskin Digital Gallery which opened earlier this year at the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Campus, UK. 

Toby Wise, Managing Director at Snelling Business Systems explains: “The gallery has been installed with Dataton WATCHOUT throughout, enabling content to seamlessly flow from screen to screen via a dedicated fibre and copper based AV LAN which was commissioned by Snelling Business Systems. Artist’s works are displayed on various projected and HD displays.”

The Ruskin Digital Gallery was created to be the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, with artwork in the gallery displayed in digital format, on state-of-the-art high definition displays, as well as allowing traditional hanging, generating maximum flexibility for the area.

Chris Owen, Head of the Cambridge School of Art said: “This is a hugely valuable facility for Anglia Ruskin University, the city of Cambridge and the UK. Whether students are studying fine art, photography, animation or film production, the opportunity to exhibit digital artwork is of paramount importance in the contemporary art world.
“This exhibition space is already attracting interest from a wide range of international artists, and we are confident it will soon become a major attraction in the cultural life not just of Cambridge but the whole region.”
Fredrik Svahnberg, Marketing & Communications Manager at Dataton said: “The very nature of WATCHOUT means that the staff at Cambridge can enjoy the ease of use control interface for managing content and displays of a constantly changing array of art pieces.   We’re delighted to be involved in brining artist’s work to life with WATCHOUT veteran, Snelling Business Systems.”
Andy Salmon, Deputy Dean, Partnerships and Enterprise, Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences, said: “The Digital Gallery provides us with a transformative medium on several levels. The stunning technology allows us to show work previously by comparison poorly accessible. Moreover, as the space is designed to function as a live unit, it enables us to choreograph the digital visual arts in ways previously unavailable. This enables cross–over and cross platform activity between different disciplines previously unimaginable, not only breaking down the barriers between artistic disciplines, but between arts and science and business.

"Similarly, the Gallery's design and facility has not lost connection with the traditions of art galleries. It is still a visual arts space, fashioned to allow all the potentials of the new to exist simultaneously alongside the static media of painting, sculpture, graphics, illustration. In summary, these synergies mean we have something of enormous value to students, researchers, collaborative enterprises and businesses. The Gallery is a game changer of international potential.”





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