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Anolis Performs at NIDA

NIDA (The Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art) in Sydney is a centre of excellence in training for theatre, film and television. NIDA's primary role is to select and train exceptionally gifted young people at a tertiary level, preparing them for careers in theatre, film and television.

NIDA's award winning and spectacular theatre complex has just invested in a new lighting system for its foyer, replacing all the Par 56 500w recessed lighting fittings for the latest Anolis ArcSource 48 MultiChip fixtures.

The ArcSource 48 MC was designed by Anolis specifically for this project. The brief given was to provide a LED fitting to replace the existing 500w halogen lamp. With energy efficiency the main focus, the design team at Anolis set to work developing a suitable LED replacement.

Lighting the space inside the foyer was really challenging. With the throwing distance in excess of 10 metres, the team needed to make sure the LED product being designed was capable of creating adequate light levels using the same amount of fixtures as were currently in the space, while still maintaining energy efficiency and low ongoing operating costs.

Within 4 weeks of the brief being given, the Anolis ArcSource 48MC was born.

Designed as a retrofit module for the existing recessed Par 56 downlight housings, the ArcSource 48MC consists of 12 x 10w RGBW Cree MCE LED chips, which allows full RGB colour mixing as well as fantastic colour rendering within the white spectrum. This enables full colour options and a wide range of white colour temperature options from the one fixture. The MCE Chip is quad colour (RGBW), which is mixed at the source before entering the optical path. This enables the ArcSource 48MC fixture to produce seamless homogenous colours at maximum intensity.

The fixtures operate completely silently, being convection cooled. Each has its own address, which enables each fixture to be independently controlled via DMX. Best of all they fit into the existing housing and provide more light output and coverage than the original halogen lamps.

Blair Terrace from Architectural division of ULA Group comments: "This installation has completely changed the foyer space within the venue. Not only has the energy consumption dropped to close to 1/3rd of what it was and the ongoing maintenance reduced to virtually zero, but these fixtures have also created a virtual colour palette at the venue staff's finger tips, enabling them to completely theme a room in colour without having to bring in any other rigging equipment or lighting fixtures."

NIDA's Lighting Supervisor Adrian Wright: "The initial brief on this project was to significantly reduce our electricity consumption in public areas and with that, we set about researching and comparing several products on the market that would offer more versatility to NIDA's main foyer area than just offering a 'white light solution'.

"One very important factor in choosing the ArcSource 48MC over other products was the ability to see the mixed colour from the source rather than seeing several RGB LEDs to make a particular colour, I also wanted to ensure that there was plenty of headroom within the intensity range, and as a result of this, our programmed lighting states are running at no more than 50%.

"I am impressed with the support from Anolis and ULA Group in enabling us to choose an outstanding fixture for this project."





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