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Gold Coast Nightclub Parties with QSC

No fewer than 161 CMX Series amplifiers from QSC are providing the pulse for a multi-room nightclub on the southern tip of China. Chosen for their reliability, products from across the CMX range not only power the 400 sq metres of dance floor but also 26 private rooms and 14 VIP rooms.

The dynamic combination of powerful audio and brilliant stage lighting, installed by Shenzhen Duoyuan Technology Co. Ltd., providing a super-sensory stimulus for patrons of Gold Coast in Xuwen.

Introduced last year, the new CMX series, an evolution of the award-winning RMX Series, uses high-current toroidal transformer and filtering to ensure generous energy reserves - allowing the amplifiers to effortlessly handle high-level transients - while the output sections featuring rugged class AB and class H architecture depending on power level.

These are features certainly not lost on Wu Haitao, Product Manager at QSC’s Chinese distributor, PCI. He recognised that CMX was designed as an economical solution for system integrators, providing an irresistible combination of unmatched performance with an affordable price, and the right power for the job.

“CMX has inherited QSC’s legendary superior performance while increasing its application options, by offering greater flexibility and perfect sound,” he stated.

Wu Haitao points out that it was the investors themselves who selected QSC CMX Series power amplifiers to drive the entire sound system, citing brand dependability, stable operation and excellent performance as key criteria in the decision making.

And their faith has certainly proved justified. Expected to provide stable operation over a long duty cycle, the QSC amplifiers have been performing flawlessly, a feature that filled the project investors with reassurance from the outset.

Situated in a buzzing nightclub district of the city, Gold Coast caters to party people of all ages in Guangdong Province, looking to experience the venue’s high sensory impact generated from luxury audio, vibrant video effects and exaggerated décor.

Since the new CMX Series was introduced, PCI say they have been enjoying increasing success. “Although QSC’s profile has changed over the years, and the company’s diversification into advanced loudspeaker and processing design has quickly been recognised by the Chinese market, its amplifier products are still first choice for the majority of customers,” stated Wu Haitao. “This enables the QSC brand to maintain a very high market share.”





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