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Lighthouse Makes an Impact at Yost Ice Arena

Yost Ice Arena, home of Michigan Wolverines hockey, is the new home of a spectacular centre-hung Lighthouse video system. Integrated by Lighthouse partner TS Sports, the four-sided system features four main video screens, full-colour corner screens, and a 360º lower fascia ring.

Yost Ice Arena is housed in a classic brick building on the University of Michigan campus. The arena’s facade, timeless and traditional at once, is the perfect introduction to the blend of history and modern technology awaiting Michigan fans inside the nearly century-old structure.

Inside Yost, Michigan hockey’s excellence through the years is impossible to miss. Championship and “Frozen Four” banners hang from the rafters and the walls. Michigan fans enjoy an exciting pre-game program, featuring game highlights, upcoming event and sponsor promotions, entertainment segments and public announcements.

The sound system fills the arena, and the multiple LED video screens draw the attention of early-arriving fans with their excellent resolution and colour. The features on the Lighthouse LED video system fill the time until face-off, and the student section grows from a few scattered students to a sea of maize.

 Yost Ice Arena was constructed in 1923 and has undergone major renovations four times in its illustrious history. A classic collegiate hockey facility, Yost seats 6,637 and has hosted NCAA tournament games five times, most recently in 2003. Yost’s newest upgrade includes a four-sided board featuring Lighthouse Pi10 screens measuring 3.96 metre high by 5.12 metre wide, capable of in-game replays, brilliant animations and sponsor messages. Full-colour corner screens and a lower fascia ring constructed of Lighthouse F16 add dazzle to the centre-hung board and help keep Michigan hockey fans fired up.

When the referees skate onto the ice, the student section gleefully boos them, then reads newspapers while ignoring the opposing team’s player introductions. Once the students have crumpled up their papers and thrown them down, the Michigan starting lineup is announced.

Above the ice the four-sided Lighthouse LED video system presents the Wolverines with high-energy, swirling graphics and motivating music.
The Michigan Hockey Pep Band kicks into high gear and the crowd sings a rousing version of 'Hail to the Victors', the Michigan fight song. Fists pump, the LED video graphics keep time with the music, and the hometown fans are prepped for the fight to come on the ice.

The puck drops, the crowd leans forward, and the Michigan video team presents the game, replays, stats, in-game features, between-play music and videos, along with specialised high-tech complements to Michigan hockey fan traditions, coordinating the entire production with the on-ice action. Half the fans watch the game on the ice, the other half on the Lighthouse LED video screens hovering over centre ice.

The moment a whistle blows, all eyes rise to the screen to see the replay. Hockey is a sport best enjoyed live, and the video production at Michigan delivers the best of all worlds to their fans – high-quality hockey, crowd camaraderie, and the modern conveniences of stats, replays and close-up action shots.

At Yost Ice Arena, the endless possibilities of the Lighthouse LED video system enables the University of Michigan to treat their fans to everything they expect on the ice and everything they’re accustomed to in their living rooms, plus the buttery awesomeness of 'Popped Maize', the Wolverines version of popcorn.

This season, Lighthouse has joined one of college hockey’s most respected programs at a university with an unmatched winning tradition. The show on the Lighthouse LED video screens above the ice matches the show on the ice, creating a college hockey fan experience that can’t be beat.

For the Yost Ice Arena project, Lighthouse teamed with partner and LED video systems integrator TS Sports, along with market-leading LED innovator and developer Cree, based in Durham, NC. Cree brought their vast experience and exceptional LED technology to the high-profile University of Michigan project.

“Lighthouse is excited to be a part of Michigan Wolverine hockey,” said Ed Whitaker, Director of Sales for Lighthouse NASA. “Our LED video technology and the Wolverines’ winning program deliver Michigan hockey as it’s never been seen before.”





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