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C Series for Chicago State University

The Emil and Patricia A. Jones Convocation Center (JCC) at Chicago State University (CSU) in Chicago recently added a new distributed arena sound system. The Danley based system is powered exclusively by Lab.gruppen’s C Series amplifiers.

The University tapped two local Chicago companies to assist with the design and install of the new distributed system. Sound of Authority (SOA), who came to the job with a long-standing professional relationship with the university, and Johnson AV Engineering, who had collaborated with SOA in past design projects.

The distributed system is driven by five Lab.gruppen C Series C 68:4 4-channel amplifiers, providing four 1,700W at 4 ohms, rack-mounted in the catwalk above the arena. Packaged in a compact 2U chassis, the C 68:4 sets a new standard for high power in an installation-dedicated amplifier. The Danley units are 4-ohm cabinets, so each amp channel drives a single loudspeaker.

“I really like the C Series amplifiers,” explains Aaron Johnson, president of Johnson AV Engineering. “I’ve been using Lab.gruppen amplifiers for years and have never had a serious problem. They are extremely efficient and durable.”

The system consists of four pairs of Danley SH 69 full-range loudspeakers flown along the long sides of the arena to cover each zone (one handling the upper seating region and the other assigned the lower region). The corners of the arena are covered by single Danley SH 60 full-range loudspeakers. Each end is covered by a cluster of two SH-60’s over a single SH-69 for upper and lower regions respectively.

“The Danley / Lab.gruppen system works exactly how we wanted,” adds Johnson. “The University and the fans are extremely pleased with the end result.”





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