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Powersoft Provides a Sensory Experience at MAS

Antwerp’s newest museum, MAS (Museum aan de Strom), is a spectacular 62-metre, 10-storey sandstone and glass tower located in the old dockside area.

The museum’s tower is composed by 10 massive stone 'boxes' stacked on top of each other, where each box is rotated by 90° to form a giant spiral. Thus the indoor space becomes a vertical gallery consisting of a spiral staircase where the exhibitions are interspersed with undulated glass walls revealing breathtaking views of the city.

In contrast with the rusty industrial look from the outside, the museum offers a revolutionary multimedia experience inside, throughout four different themes divided across five floors.

“The idea was to create a Wake Up room on every floor - a room where the visitor can feel, hear and see the central theme of that particular floor,” explained Stephanie Simons, production leader for the museum.

Belgian AV system integrator AV Studio was in charge of the design and installation of the cutting-edge arrangement. They in turn commissioned professional AV distributor FACE to supply the high-end equipment.

Each floor has been divided into different spaces that guide visitors through a journey supported by multimedia aids consisting of concealed soundscapes, huge LCD displays and touch screen PCs.

During this journey Powersoft walks visitors up to the central theme of each floor. On the fourth floor with the central Power theme, M Series amplifiers with DSP - both two and four channels - contribute to the creation of the right atmosphere due to their versatility paired with outstanding sound quality.

The walk continues all the way up to the seventh floor where sound effects really come to life to create a superb experience with the Life & Death theme. Here K Series amplifiers with built-in DSP drive the powerful yet controlled surround sound that fills the Wake Up room.

Due to the complexity of the system, and with each theme having different audio requirements, AV Studio and FACE needed flexible, reliable products to make this experimental installation happen.

“Powersoft proved to be up to the challenging task. Their wide range of amplifiers was perfect to meet all system requirements,” said Steven Kemland, Sales Manager at FACE. “Moreover, Powersoft environmental-friendly amps will help the client reducing operational costs on both consumption and external cooling.”





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