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Synergy AVL Designs Sentosa's Merlion Park

Sentosa, the popular island resort in Singapore attracts millions of local and foreign visitors every year who come to enjoy its long sandy beach, golf courses, 5-star resort hotels and the famous Universal Studios theme park.

Every visitor to the island is also familiar with its most famous resident and visitor attraction - The Merlion - a 37-metre statue formed in the image of the fabled half-lion and half-fish guardian of Singapore. The view from the crown of the Merlion is a magnificent 360º panorama of Sentosa and Singapore's southern shores.

Sentosa Development Group, which manages the Sentosa Merlion Park had decided to look into enhancing the Merlion Park’s environment with the use of creative outdoor lighting. Synergy AVL Pte Ltd, a Singapore based audio-visual and lighting system solutions company, was invited to propose a lighting solution for the island's statuesque icon.

Synergy's project team, led by Senior Project Engineer Chip Chong earnestly conducted a series of site surveys before deciding on which types of indoor and outdoor luminaires were best suited to fulfil the management's requirements.

As a start, Chip proposed to adapt outdoor wireless technology using W-DMX WhiteBox products made by Wireless Solution Sweden. The wireless setup uses one W-DMX WhiteBox Transmitter and five WhiteBox Receiver units. Not only does the use of wireless technology provide a cleaner look without any additional or exposed cables within the site, it also avoided any possibility of affecting the daily operations or serious damage to the Park from unnecessary cabling work being done.

Synergy installed a PC base lighting control running on the Daslight Virtual Controller DMX512 software which allows the Park's AV team more freedom to programme and operate all DMX lighting luminaires installed in the Park. Selected members of the AV team were given user basic training on the Daslight system by Synergy AVL's experienced lighting programmer. 

With the different (indoor and outdoor) areas and themes in the Park, Synergy was very careful in choosing which luminaire was suitable to deliver the correct mood required for the different features in the Park. With its special water wave effect, ACME LED Wave units are installed along the bridge walkway from Sentosa resort to the Park to make the journey feel more like walking on water. Ten IP65 rated D.T.S. Delta 10 F RGBW LED colour changer wash lights are positioned around the Merlion to highlight the main exterior body of the Merlion.

Additionally, six units of Novalight High-Ground 2000W moving-yoke fixtures are positioned in a line at the rear of the Merlion and programmed to shoot its powerful and bright moving beams up to the sky to complete its external lighting effects. For illumination inside the Merlion’s eyes and mouth, Synergy have installed Colorbeam LML-36 and CP-50 colour changer fixtures equipped with long life LED lamp technology to replace the previous light fittings which would often break down.

Synergy AVL also installed a SpinetiX HMP-100 Media Player to display 2D animated graphic content from a Sanyo PLC XM100 5000 ANSI lumens projector which is encased in a Tempest Lighting Blizzard 6550 enclosure (using DEC3 control technology to maintain optimum projector and lamp life) to cover its centre area with an animated display to energise the Park in a fun and lively setting for the visitors.

Chip also mentioned how easy it is to add or edit content on the SpinetiX system: "We can upload the content from the wireless router which is installed in the Tempest dome. This allows us wireless access to the SpinetiX box from the PC."

The new lighting and visual solution designed and installed by Synergy AVL in Sentosa Merlion Park now offers a multi-visual environment and create a more complete experience for the visitors. With good response from visitors about the Park's new ambience, this success only enforces the high quality of solution designs which Synergy AVL can to deliver to their customers.





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