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Adamson Point Series Keep Patrons Up All Night

Adamson's exclusive Distributor in Cyprus, ProSonic Audio-Lights, recently installed a Point Series system in the Joko Restaurant, located in the city of Nicosia.

Its bright and open space promise a pleasant and warm atmosphere. The sounds to compliment the flavour of the establishment, features the full and warm sounding Adamson Point Series cabinets throughout the venue.

The deign consist of eight Point 8's and four Point 115 subwoofers for low frequency extension.vcThe Adamson M Series processor is used for control and the entire rig is powered with Lab.gruppen C Series amplification. 

The Joko Restaurant does not close the doors after dinner. The trendy restaurant doubles as a lounge / club into the night.

Director of Prosonic Audio-Lights, Christos Chrysnathou, commented: "The Joko installation was really a simple installation. The owner was asking for the best high fidelity audio result, and after various demos were held with major brands, he was left impressed with the Adamson sound.

"Due to low ceiling heights in some areas in the club, the final design featured Point 8's with Point 115 subs, resulting in magnificent sound even in very high SPL, which is needed as the place starts rocking after 11pm and continues until morning sunrise."





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