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Audio Jewellers Celebrates its First Installation

Shitij Harnwal and Narinder Singh of Audio Jewellers have just celebrated the company’s first installation at the Game of Legends (GOL) Sports Bar in the City Square Mall, Delhi.

The newly formed company specialises in design consultancy and AV contracting. Shitij and Narinder worked very closely with the architect at GOL to provide excellent sound without compromising the aesthetics of the venue. They were very precise when it came to the design of the sound system, as they were keen to ensure the system would fulfil the customer’s expectations.

Shitij said: “Game of Legends will always be a special project for us. This is the first project under the formation of Audio Jewellers, and a lot of technical thinking has gone in to making a successful project.”

The audio solution Shitij and Narinder specified for GOL was Tannoy. The system comprised two Tannoy VX 12 high performance loudspeakers, eight Di5 ultra compact loudspeakers, and six Tannoy Mercury compact stand-mount loudspeakers. These were supplemented by four VS Series subwoofers, two VS 15BPs and two VS 10BPs. The Di5’s provide a very even sound coverage, yet they have been installed so discreetly and really blend into the décor. The system is powered using Crown amplification.

There are three personal digital recorder sections with separate audio and video options at GOL. Audio Jewellers installed two Tannoy V1 loudspeakers per section plus Behringer Xenyx 502 analogue mixers. This offered customers the opportunity to select their own audio source when located in one of these sections.

Narinder continued: “We provided two different systems for the venue. The budget and the extensive system design were a challenge, but we took it on and completed it successfully. As well as the audio, we also did the video integration. We had to keep the video and the audio running simultaneously. We used a lot of Kramer products to synchronise the system.”

Audio Jewellers used a Kramer PIP 500 high-performance picture-in-picture inserter. The PIP output can display up to five images simultaneously, each of which can be individually sized and positioned. This picture-in-picture ability ensures the audience is encapsulated by video at all times, no matter their location inside the venue.
The architect at GOL concluded: “This project was very special, as this part of Delhi has never witnessed something like this before. What we have been able to achieve - in cooperation with Audio Jewellers for the AV and the design of the place - we are very impressed with.”





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