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Electron SA Illuminates Posidonio Music Hall

Electron SA has contributed in the successful and highly anticipated redecoration of the famous Posidonio Music Hall in Athens Greece. Posidonio initially opened its door in 1991 and ever since has been a very popular night spot that has hosted the most famous Greek singers.

Recently, a renovation took place and the goal was to create a new, warm, and friendly venue with the latest lighting technology. For that, Electron SA products were used, including LEDs from the company’s LEDELEC range of products.

In particular, LEDELEC RGB LED Washers are used to illuminate the stunning façade of the Music Hall. The RGB LED Washers are placed in locations specifically selected to achieve a double role. On the one hand, the goal was to generate a dynamic environment with colour changing effects that attracts attention of customers and passers by. On the other hand, the aim was to create interplay of light and shadow enhancing a feeling of mystery.

The exterior as well as the interior of the building are also illuminated with the LEDELEC RGB Flexible LED tapes. The Tapes are primarily used for concealed illumination, generating an impressive and remarkable entrance of continuous glow of colours and colour changing effects. The installation was realised with the ELECSYS aluminium profile, a system specially designed and manufactured by Electron SA, that makes installation quick and easy.

The operation of the RGB LEDs is achieved through the Electron Power Supplies, which have DMX-512 input and output, three channels plus master, auto operation of 10 preset programs with adjustable speed rate, fade time and master dimmer output control, manual control, as well as master/ slave operation. The above, offer capabilities for the total control of the brightness, intensity, colour, and colour change of the illumination, depending on the day and the time throughout the year.





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