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QSC House of K Drives the Beat of Haifa Nightclub

QSC distributor, Kilim Electronics, has permanently installed a PA system based on QSC KLA Series Active Line Arrays and both K and KW Series Active Loudspeakers at one of Israel's hottest nightclubs, The Beat.

Two KLA arrays, each with three KLA12 loudspeaker elements, are suspended on either side of the nightclub's main stage. Eight KW181 subwoofers provide the extended low end needed to keep the crowds moving, while six K12 active loudspeakers act as the on-stage monitors for The Beat's performing musicians. Two additional K12s around the club act as out-fills for the PA.

One of Israel's best-known music venues, The Beat regularly hosts live music from significant local artists and performers, as well as big-name artists on the international touring circuit. Every Tuesday night the club holds an 'open mic' night, when any artists may take the stage and perform their art, bringing only their instruments with them. For this reason, the quality of the venue's PA, through which all of these artists have to perform, is of particular importance.

According to Doron and Erez, owners of The Beat nightclub, since the installation was carried out many artists performing in the club have noticed the improvement. "A lot of artists play at The Beat on tour, and most of the live sound engineers who've worked here since the summer have commented on the improved sound quality and power offered by the new QSC system," they explain. "Most have liked the fact that the system produces audio at a high volume but does not hurt their ears like other nightclub PA systems.

"The sound is clear without distortion, the subs are strong but not too overpowering, and the number of people who arrive at the club is increasing from week to week," say the owners.

Gadi Kilim, head of Kilim Electronics, adds, "The use of KLA, KW and K Series loudspeakers is very convenient and efficient. Since there are no amplifiers which physically take a lot of space, and the current draw of the K Family amplifier module is so low… the QSC system is the smart solution for permanent installations, especially when the audience is located close to the stage."





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