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September / October 2008


Guru in Barcelona is a prime example of a white interior that uses coloured lighting to provide a sense of energy and dynamism.


The venue was already popular as Club Salsitas before current owner Carlos Caballero opted for an all-white make-over. The club comprises two rooms. A white passageway gives access to the first section, a feeder bar little wider than the entrance corridor. A bar runs the length of this room. Behind it, backlit alcove shelving stores an impressive array of spirits.

The main event takes place next door in the main room. Huge palm tree columns, giant pineapples and cove-lit roof-fans give the space a hint of Indo-Saracenic splendour, but the room’s minimal monotone lend it a real touch of class. With the addition of LED lighting, the club aesthetic is complete. On the long sides of the room sit four lighting rigs each comprising four Eurolite LED PAR 38 RGB Spots (blitzing the room in whichever colour is desired) and an Omnisistem Solo 250 moving head. The combination of multicoloured washes and the textured white room (with its ribbed walls and moulded palm leaves) works well. Projectors slung from the ceiling throughout the club add an extra layer of visuals.

Like it’s predecessor, Guru acts as a restaurant during the early evening and then, as the tables and chairs are pushed to the side of the room, the dancing begins. It is an achingly fashionable hangout demanding the best looks and top quality sounds, both of which are ably provided by local loudspeaker producers, Vieta.

Guru has two sound systems. Playing background music through drinks and dinner, Vieta’s compact Do-5 full-range loudspeakers extend throughout the restaurant to the venue’s long bar. When the DJ steps up to his turntables, the club system kicks in; a powerful dancefloor installation using four Vieta RE-15s and two RE-118 subs.

Delivered in all-white cabinets and grilles, the Vieta loudspeakers are powered by QSC and MC2 amplifiers, with Vieta’s proprietary VDC-2 controller. The installation includes a feedback loop to the amplifiers, giving the system a degree of extra protection from overzealous DJs. DBX graphics and Technics decks complete the picture.





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