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September / October 2008


A mix of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine influences, the town of Belek on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast now includes a modern day Eden in the form of a new world-class hotel: Adam & Eve.

This is, says the Times of London, Europe’s “coolest” hotel – an accolade due in no small part to the minimal white interiors of architect Eren Talu - perhaps the country’s most respected architect.
It also boasts the world’s largest pool (108,000 square feet) and longest bar (315 feet) – though mondo hasn’t had the pleasure of testing these claims first hand – as well as a conference hall, restaurants, theatre, nightclub and poolside entertainment facilities. Not surprisingly, the technical installations including the hotel-wide audio system, had to meet the exacting specifications demanded by such a prestigious venue. Crest Audio distributors, Telesine Sound & Lighting Systems A.S., who were involved with the project from the beginning, specified and installed a Crest Audio-driven system based on Martin Audio loudspeakers and Crest Performance consoles and signal processors.

As Telesine’s Firat Akin pointed out, this is a huge installation deploying a total of 72 Crest Audio amplifiers of varying types as well as six mixing consoles and twenty-four signal processors from Crest Performance aross ten different zones throughout the complex. “The customer wanted the ability for high quality audio to be able to be diffused across the entire development,” noted Akin. “Some of the zones like the Atrium audio system are designed as background sound systems, but the majority, like those in the nightclub, ballroom, amphitheatre and hippodrome are full-on foreground sound systems that need to be powerful without being overwhelming, and of course, extremely high quality.”

“We were able to fulfill all the clients requirements concerning power amplification, signal processing, and audio mixing from the comprehensive product range from Crest,” commented Akin. “In fact, now that Crest Performance has ventured into the loudspeaker market and makes some excellent products, we were even able to create a 100% Crest audio system for the Pier using eight LQ-12 loudspeakers along with a CPC 1223 2-way stereo 3-way mono crossover and a CPQ 1215 dual 15-band graphic EQ powered by two CC 4000s and a CA 18 for a first-rate mobile set-up. For us it’s a huge advantage to be able to count on just one supplier for so much of the equipment, especially when it’s equipment that we are extremely familiar with, and, more importantly, in which we have complete confidence.”





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