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September / October 2008


With the Olympics at the forefront of sports-lovers’ minds the world over, mondo*dr took a trip to perhaps the event’s biggest winner in recent history. The city of Barcelona is widely regarded as a textbook example of how the Olympics can change the face of a city – giving it real sense of identity and a lasting cultural legacy.

One of the long term effects has been to make the Catalan capital hugely attractive to a wide range of tourist types who in turn have helped Barcelona develop a richly diverse, world-class club and bar scene.

A walk along the beach (which didn’t even exist before 1992) from La Barceloneta to Port Olimpic takes you past Barcelona’s ‘hottest’ bar strip and one of the city’s most popular clubs, Catwalk. After the beach bars have closed, Catwalk is the venue of choice for all those trendy Barca boys and girls who want to continue the party til dawn. It is, as the name suggests, the perfect location to show off in style.

For the 2008 summer season, Catwalk has undergone a minor makeover, matching the funky looks of its clientele with an equally eye-catching speaker system from Funktion-One. This is the first Funktion-One system to be supplied by new Spanish distributors SeeSound. The large padded DJ booth in the main room is now flanked by some impressive looking Resolution 2s. Eight of them pump out the tunes to the main dance floor, with one more acting as a DJ monitor. Two Funktion-One subs give the audio it’s kick, along with four pre-existing Turbosound THL 828s.

Much of the amp rack has been retained from the previous system (predominantly Crest and Crown) and five new super-compact Powersoft Digam K3 amps added (also supplied by SeeSound).
It looks good, sounds good and the pretty people love it.





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