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September / October 2008


After 12 successful years in operation the La Cova name is well known in Barcelona, however when the lease ran out on the premises, owners David Pecharroman and Coral Martínez had to re-locate the club quickly in order to maintain its success.

It had not been long since the pair opened a sister venue, a Comedy Club on the seafront of beach resort Mataro. It was DJ Factory who completed the install at the Comedy Club with the guidance of QSC sales manager for Catalonia and the Balearics, Ezequiel Mayoral. QSC Audio Acoustic Design products were selected for the club. They chose an integrated QSC HPR-122i system, containing 12” LF woofer and 3” voice coil driven by 400W of class H power. 

Following the success of the QSC Audio equipment in the Comedy Club, Pecharroman and Martinez were certain they wanted to achieve the same quality and assurance for the relocation of La Cova. Tony Espin of DJ Factory headed up the install ensuring the new equipment would be suitable for live music gigs and hard dance playback from the highly-specified DJ station.

The venue has been installed with six flown AcousticDesign AD-S282H dual 8” enclosures and six ground-stacked HPR-151’s as its main surround system, with two HPR-122’s on chains angled over the small performance podium to provide conventional PA. To the rear of the room are a pair of AD-S82H’s, which incorporate QSC’s revolutionary IntelliDock™ intelligent mounting system, providing rear infill on delays. The passive speakers are powered by QSC RMX-1450 amplifiers.

Many of the products were chosen in line with the décor of the club, an all-white interior and a long rectilinear shape. This combination along with the new location has brought in large crowds, with clubbers dancing the night away, everyday of the week.

Different speaker settings and gain structures are programmed into QSC’s DSP 322ua operating on the company’s proprietary platform, and these are accessed according to mode. Controlled over an Ethernet network using QSC’s Venue Manager software, the 8-in/8-out DSP 322ua is fully configurable with all data stored in the device memory.

Mayoral said of the choice for the audio products: “The whole idea was to provide La Cova with maximum versatility for minimum investment.”

“The AD-S282H strikes the right balance between size and stylish looks, and blends in perfectly with the white décor,” continues Mayoral. “This place gets really crowded and when you are doing comedy you need high SPL and a lot of vocal intelligibility.”
“The AD-S282H not only has a slim, sleek design but provides output comparable to speakers with 12-inch drivers and compression horns.”

To complete the design of the club, stylish lighting was installed to illuminate the dancefloor and surrounding areas. The lighting was designed in a circular stage truss, including moving lights and PAR LEDs. In addition a square truss covers over the dancefloor with more PAR LED’s, conventional lighting and strobes.

Owners Pecharroman and Martinez were very pleased with the final design of the club, and are hopeful that with their high spec equipment the club will become an increasing popular destination for local clubbers and visiting tourists.





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