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September / October 2008

Las Vegas

When the Luxor hotel first opened back in 1993, its iconic Pyramid exterior was a was huge hit with the many millions of tourist visiting the city each year.

Luxor was in the vanguard of Vegas hotels that were helping to totally change the face of Sin City, eventually creating the family-friendly strip which exists today. After 25 years however, the Luxor had fallen behind in the entertainment stakes and, in 2007, operateors MGM announced plans to undertake a massive refurbishment, including the creation of a new nightclub LAX.

Now open a year, the club is still among the city’s top venues and, with LDI returning to Las Vegas in October, worth a look.
With the financial backing of celebrities like Christina Aguilera and DJ AM, Pure Management Group created LAX with a young, sophisticated crowd in mind. It is, they say, ‘the destination of choice for discriminating club-goers, A-list celebrities and the social jet set’.


Regular Pure collaborator Adam Camp of Neu Visions Design came on board to install a lighting system to amaze.Aside from the eight High End DL.2’s, eighteen MAC700 Wash and four MAC2000 Performace were selected. These fixtures are organized in groups of three with a clustered Atomic 3000 Color Strobe on a custom 8’ radius truss fabricated by Tomcat. There are nine of these custom radius trusses throughout the space.

“The Truss Pods were a nice way to compliment the curves of the space, anything linear would have disrupted it,” Camp continues.
The dance floor anchors the lower level of LAX and is surrounded by an abundance of VIP tables and a raised DJ platform.The second storey serves as an ultra-VIP level and features seven individual VIP lofts as well as a private dance floor. Seemingly suspended over the main dance floor, each VIP loft has a bird’s-eye view of the lower level.

The real challenge came with integrating all systems through the AMX touch panels installed in each of the spaces. The panels allow the operator to control architectural LED, and the architectural dimming. There are multiple scheduled events that trigger throughout the course of a 24hr period, and AMX also triggers the BSS London system for zone control and input selection
“The system came out great,” says Camp. “Of course there are a few things I would have done differently, but hind sight is 20/20. Overall the system does an amazing job of simplifying user operation and allowing advanced technologies to be driven. The digital Aerial Projection of the DL.2’s is hands down my favorite feature. The complexity of the beam projection was only capable through lasers before this media took place.”

Camp brought in Wes Lane of LIGHTfaktor as Architectural Lighting Designer who recommended a large array of LED and fibre optic architectural fixtures, all DMX controllable and individually addressable. “We used these fixtures in order to create a dynamic ever-changing atmosphere,” says Lane. Unfortunately, at present, the club makes little use of the lighting system’s dynamic colour changing and effects, as they are quite in love with the colour red.”

The main challenge was integrating the DMX architectural lighting with the standard architectural lighting and theatrical lighting. “We overcame this by using 18 Sunlite IP DMX controllers to control the many DMX fixtures in 18 different zones; an ETC Unison system to control the dimming architectural and decorative fixtures; an AMX system was utilized to tie it all together,” says Lane. “The AMX touch screen shows a map of the building and its zones. It sends out IP commands to trigger the presets of the DMX controllers and the Unison dimming for each zone. For ease of programming of the DMX, one can walk around the club with a laptop connected to the network and connect to each controller for individual zone programming.”

“LAX blows people away with its sheer beauty and design,” said Robert Frey, Managing Partner of Pure Management Group. “When guests come to LAX, they are treated to a nightclub experience unlike any other and one that leaves a lasting impression.”





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