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Vienna Live Sound Club Opens with Kling & Freitag

The new Live club in Vienna, Chaya Fuera aims to create an ideal place for all those wishing to enjoy quality live music in a noble atmosphere.

The sound system has been well-adapted to the requirements of the club, by the club's Sound Technician Simon Katzböck, together with the team of Grothusen AV. Their goal was to supply the best sound system in Vienna.

The premises - an old print-shop - have been transformed by extensive acoustic provisions, from an echoing grotto into a welcoming living room to make the ideal environment for the new sound system.

Four Kling & Freitag Line 212-6 loudspeakers provide the main part of the audio solution. These systems are stacked and flown over the stage, and their coverage reaches the outer areas beyond the stage. 

The bass is provided by a Kling & Freitag Nomos XLC subwoofer. With its 18-inch chassis it produces a saturated, crisp bass sound down to the lowest frequencies, the kidney-shaped directivity pattern also contributes to its well-defined sound.

All areas that are not directly covered by the main system are covered evenly by smaller subsystems. In total, six Kling & Freitag Gravis 12N and eight Kling & Freitag Passio systems are employed for this purpose, distributed over the whole club. This decentralised extension of the sound system ensures constant high quality sound throughout the club without need for increasing the total sound level.

For the stage monitoring four Kling & Freitag Scena 15 loudspeakers are employed. All systems are run by the K&F SystemRack.

Tuning and initial measurement of the system was completed by the team from Grothusen AV, with an impressive result. There are clear, precise trebles, neat middle frequencies and a wonderful warm but well-defined bass.

"Our goal is the presentation of a balanced and natural sound which is not tiring the ears." said Katzböck. And this goal has been reached. Even after several hours in the music venue without ear protection one can leave the club without ringing ears, but without the impression that music had been too soft.





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