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Loof is Given a Fresh New Look

After a couple of months of being absent from Singapore's CBD skyline, Singapore’s first stand alone Loof-top bar, located on top of WOHA designed Odeon Towers is back in business.

It has undergone a massive overhaul, which included a complete replacement of its sound system that had rotted away after exposure to the elements.

This award-winning bar started out with a system designed and installed by one of the more prominent hifi brands but soon after found the system was failing constantly due to Singapore's tropical climate. Over the years, improvements had to made periodically by its long-term sound system partners, Trektech.

When the opportunity for a revamp finally presented itself in the from of a redesign, the brief given to Trektech was to completely redesign the outdoor sound system to weather the elements and for long term reliability.

Having an enviable reputation in Singapore for direct-weather performance, One Systems speakers were the natural choice. The designers for this new version of Loof were instrumental in ensuring that the speakers blended in to the design and provided valuable insight for the design team.

Audica Professional's range of speakers and systems were deployed indoors providing an unobstrusive and elegant sound reinforement solution for this intimate area.

Equipment List:

8 x One Systems 106IM
4 x One Systems 103IM
2 x One Systems 118Sub-W
1 x Ashly 3.6SP
2 x Ashly ne8250
4 x Audica Professional Micropoint speakers
1 x Audica Professional Mixrozone controller
1 x Audica professional Microsub subwoofer





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