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Radisson Blu Royal chooses Tannoy’s OCV Series range

Global hotel chain Radisson Blu is a brand that is recognised worldwide for its hallmarks of quality and sophistication.

The company ethos is to ‘create iconic buildings with individual interiors invoking an inviting, exciting ambiance’ and that philosophy is reflected in the stunning new interior of the Radisson Blu Royal in Bergen, Norway, which has just undergone a complete refurbishment.

Part of that refurbishment included an expansion of the hotel’s restaurant and conference facilities, with the modern building materials and large glazed atrium design of the space requiring an equally modern and innovative loudspeaker solution.

The lack of a cavity ceiling space overhead ruled out conventional in-ceiling loudspeakers, meaning AVAB’s design team had to turn to self-contained hanging ‘pendant’ style devices which could be hung from the apex of the atrium structure.

Step forward Tannoy’s new OCV Series, introduced last year, and marking a first serious foray into the pendant speaker market with 6-inch (OCV 6) and 8-inch (OCV 8) models available in either black or white.

Installed by AVAB-CAC in Bergen, OCV Series delivers the renowned acoustic performance and exceptional value of Tannoy’s ubiquitous CVS Series in-ceiling products, but in an architecturally sensitive, self-contained, lightweight cylindrical enclosure. Engineered specifically for applications where predictable high quality audio coverage is required in high or open-ceilinged spaces – such as the atrium of Radisson Blu Royal – without compromising clarity, intelligibility and SPL.

With a number of OCV 8s installed on a distributed audio system alongside 50 of the CVS in-ceiling loudspeakers, they provide even distribution of sound and total coverage for the architecturally sensitive areas of the hotel, with the ambient background music playing directly from a central media server.

Arthur Botnevik of AVAB CAC Bergen, said: “OCV was chosen because of the unique design that fits into the glass atrium, without compromising the integrity or visual aesthetic of the building. The OCVs are providing full range sound quality for the restaurant area, and it was the ideal product for this kind of application.”

All loudspeakers in the system are powered by nine Lab.gruppen E Series, the new ultra-efficient Energy Star certified 1U power amplifier range developed specifically for the installation market.





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