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Delta Sound implements audio system in Madison Piano Bar, La Cigale Hotel

Delta Sound was recently commissioned to install a new audio at Doha’s La Cigale Hotel’s Madison Piano Bar.

Ammar Al Baik, Director of IT for the La Cigale Group explains the reason behind the refurbishment: “We started having issues with drivers being constantly over driven and guests were not happy with the distorted audio."

The decision was made to expand the current bar, making use of newly available space. The hotel's technical team thought this would be a suitable time to revamp and renew the audio-visual aspects of the venue.

Many challenges stood in the plans, during designing and even during installation itself. The setup had to be comfortable; components had to follow architecture and furniture design. Delta Sound understood these requirements and was flexible with the hotel team.

After consideration of many well known brands in audio manufacturing and also after visits in other venues all over the area, the decision was taken to use L’Acoustics enclosures and amplification. Delta Sound was initially recommended by L’Acoustics headquarters, as Delta Sound are trained and certified integrators for the brand in the area and Andy Jackson (managing director of Delta Sound) has over 15 years of experience with L’Acoustics system integration.

The system integration design was put together by Andy Jackson and was implemented by Robert Turner assisted by Paul Tonkin & Aries Fernandes. The system consisted of 12x ARC II’s, 8x SB28’s, 8x 115XT HiQ along with 7x 8XT units. All speakers were driven with LA8 and LA4 amplifiers. The system control was run by two BSS soundweb blu100s. The units were split between the control racks; one of the webs controlled the input gains, whilst the other processed the outputs.

As the venue and control rooms are on different levels, along with multiple tech areas around the venue, the soundweb range were a perfect choice. Two control PCs are now running the web program at any one time, giving the house technicians multiple points of control, alongside these computers we have added a Blu10 touch sensitive control point behind the bar. This gives the manager control over master volumes, zoning and input levels.

The venue also has performers who play nightly. Audio monitoring for the DJ and musicians consists of 4x 112XTP enclosures. The `floor` sound is all sent to a DiGiCo SD11, which sends its signal via a MADI multicore up to a Mini Digi rack in the control room.

As the venue wanted to be able to easily move the stage to different points of the venue, the decision was made to run MADI for the signal multicore, with a MADI patch bay in the control room and multiple points around the room fitted with MADI interfaces.

The whole system was designed for maximum ease of use for the hotel technicians, and reliability for the venue and hotel management. Great feedback was received from the guests after opening night, when the bar refurbishment was completed.

“We were confident that Delta Sound team will do the job without any troubles, and now full thanks to all the Delta Sound team – Andy, Robert, Paul, Aries who did a prefect and great job.” said Ammar.

“We take a huge amount of pride in our work and feel that we are able to offer our clients another perspective on installation delivery and support” added Jackson.





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