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November / December 2008

Regine’s nightclub in Paris has recently undergone an audio refurb, the trendy club has been fitted with a new state of the art Funktion One system.

Regine’s is located just off the Champs-Elysees and certainly has plenty of stories to tell having been open for over 20 years.

Entering Regine’s you are guided down a stairway by LED lighting to the basement where the club is located. The warm décor is very inviting while the mirrored ceiling is quite alluring creating a somewhat intriguing ambiance.

Regine’s attracts a mixed crowd, from the slightly more mature clientele who may dine there early doors to hundreds of females when the club hosts a dedicated ladies night and those who just fancy a night out in a chic and glam environment. 

The new Funktion One system seems to be going down well having received some positive feedback from clubbers and both Chris Hawkes from Funktion One France and David Bruml from Funktion One UK have commented on how impressed they are with the latest install.
It was Lionel Sarret, Commerical Director of Color Sonic who was in charge of the install at Regine’s, the new equipment included products from their infamous resolution range, the dance stack and their latest loudspeaker series.

Funktion-One R1.5

Funktion-One F218 Mk2

Funktion-One F118 MK2





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