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Radlett Centre Chooses Triple E Track System

Hertfordshire’s Radlett Centre is gearing itself up for a busy autumn season after investing in a Unitrack system from Triple E.

The venue, which provides theatre, art and music, and children's entertainment in Radlett, upgraded to Triple E’s Unitrack following seven years of using outdated standard theatre tracks.

“The tracks we were using were bolted together with small nuts and bolts making them time consuming to change and move, the bobbins tended to get jammed in the joints and the whole thing was pretty unreliable,” said the Radlett Centre’s Myles Robinson.

“I instantly saw the benefits of the Triple E track design: quick to assemble and dismantle, quick to move the entire track using G clamps to rig it rather than fixed bolts as with our old track; the joints are less of an issue due to the sturdy spigots that join the track sections, bobbins are far better quality and more heavy duty spreading the weight of the cloths more evenly across the two bobbin wheels, the end pulleys are of a higher quality and more reliable, and the actual wipe action is a lot smoother and the whole system seems to create less friction than our previous tracks so operating is easier.”

With a packed autumn season approaching, with shows ranging from legendary singer Elkie Brooks celebrating 50 years in the business to a performance of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, ease of use (and no curtain jamming) is at the forefront of The Radlett Centre’s requirements.

“We use the tracks almost continually for a variety of cloths and haven’t come up against any problems” continued Robinson. “I am incredibly happy with the product and wouldn’t choose to go back to the old system at all.”

Triple E’s Unitrack system was launched in 1988 to provide the industry with a unique fabricated 'I' beam. The simple one bolt and four spigot jointing system forms the heart of Unitrack to facilitate a 'jam free' running surface. Ball raced runners and nylon pulley sheaves add further to the smooth, silent operation.

”I am delighted that we have another happy Unitrack user, said Triple E managing director, David Edelstein. “Since its launch, Unitrack has been making life easier for theatre technicians worldwide with its simple rugged construction, ease of use silent operation and long life.”





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