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GLP Pilots Tungsten-to-LED Transfer at Performing Arts Venue

The progressive Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts (BCPA) in Illinois, USA recently carried out a technical upgrade that has seen a number of GLPs impression Spot One and Volkslicht Zoom LED fixtures replace traditional tungsten heads.

The fixtures were supplied by GLP dealer JR Lighting Design following an experiment by the venue’s technical manager Rodney Stickrod to see whether the new generation of LED lighting was technically capable of providing a full theatrical alternative.

BCPA wanted to make the upgrade in its newly renovated 1,200 seat main performance auditorium. Having seen the GLP fixtures at LDI in Orlando, Stickrod was introduced to Jason Reberski, President of JR Lighting Design, which set up a demo.

The traditional tungsten wash system, used primarily in saturated colours, consumed thousands of watts of electricity.

“Aside from energy savings, a brighter, more energy-efficient and flexible automated fixture system would also give Rodney and his team the ability to reposition the fixtures and change their beam angle,” said Reberski.

“They are quiet in operation and their performance has been flawless.” “The demo incorporated the Spot One, which to the best of my knowledge is the world’s only 400 watt RGB-powered fully-featured automated profile luminaire.”

Stickrod added: “I knew the power of the LED fixtures was getting close to being truly usable in a theatre application but I was not convinced until I saw the GLP fixtures in our own space.

“We use the Spot Ones more as a traditional moving fixture with all the flash we can get. But with the ability to soften the focus and change the beam angle it is a wonderful fixture for a special in a very nice moment in a production.”

in addition to ‘specials’, with gobos and textured effects, the Spot Ones are projected on scenic pieces or on the BCPA’s massive cyclorama. The animation wheel allows for non-linear water ripple or fire effects, and coupled with the LED engine and the designer’s creativity, a myriad of effects can be created.

The Volkslicht Zooms are used primarily for their high intensity saturated colour. For music events with exposed lighting rigs, they can be used as blinders or beam lights, and as back light in a concert setting, while the combination of RGB colour mixing, zoom, and repositionability make for a very flexible system, note the two designers.

Stickrod said: “The most exciting thing to me about this fixture is the ability to also use them for ballet or traditional theatre back light. When in a flood setting they are equal to a nice Fresnel fixture. And of course the ability to pick any colour in the world to help set the mood is nice as a designer.”





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