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DPA Microphones Strike a Chord with Point Loma Nazarene

When it comes to making its piano and string instruments shine, the Media Services department at Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) counts on DPA Microphones.

The department recently upgraded its aging instrument mics to a stereo pair of DPA d:vote 4099P Instrument Mics for piano, taking its musical performances to the next level.

PLNU’s media services department is responsible for supplying the PA system for musical performances at the university’s chapel services, music department concerts and other campus events.

With the school’s previous two microphone options posing some challenges, one set was diminishing in audio quality and another did not fit under the lid of the grand piano, PLNU Media Supervisor Bryan Pridmore found a solution.

Pridmore was familiar with the audio quality and miniature size of the d:vote, and knew it would be a perfect fit for the university.

“The DPA d:vote microphones were a really good option because they are well isolated from vibration and highlight the quality sound of the instrument, said Pridmore. Our previous mics had a lot of hissing and buzzing, and were way past usable. The d:vote not only provides an impressive audio reproduction, but also very good isolation and gain before feedback, especially when the piano lid is closed.”

An integral piece of the school’s many jazz performances is its 12ft Steinway grand piano. As a result, the Media Services department mics this instrument most often. The miniature size of the DPA d:vote microphones enabled Pridmore to keep them out of sight beneath the piano lid.

“We had a solo pianist in recently who I outfitted with the d:vote, and the performance highlighted just how phenomenal the microphone is, continued Pridmore. “He played the full range of the piano, lows and highs, and the audience was not only able to hear and feel the music, but also got a true sense of the awe of the piano and the performer’s musical talents.”





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