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Skye's the Limit for Martin Audio

The spectacular Skye Bar & Restaurant in Jakarta is the latest venue to be opened by the Ismaya Group. Located on the 56th floor of the 230- metre high Menara BCA building, Skye's main attraction is the stupendous view over the city's skyline.

The owners required high end professional audio products to service its fashionable clientele, and turned to the pro division of P.T. Citra Intirama, Martin Audio’s distributors.

The distributor already had a pre-existing relationship with the club’s owners, who have been using Martin Audio systems for many of their group restaurants and clubs over the years. P.T. Citra Intirama again had no hesitation in recommending a similar solution to equip the brand new rooftop bar, restaurant and lounge, as well as the outdoor chill out open air area within the exclusive operation.

The 800-capacity venue combines a mixture of Martin Audio’s small architectural AQ5s and EM150 for the lounge area; C10.1R two-way high performance ceiling speakers for the restaurant area; stylish, surface-mount C115s for the VIP area and C4.8T and C6.8T ceiling speakers for restrooms and corridors linking the indoor and outdoor area.

As a result, this carefully-considered solution ensures well-balanced background music coverage throughout; this is augmented via the additional power of two Martin Audio Blackline F15+ and S18+s, which are specially installed for weekend DJ events.

The result is another successful venture for the Ismaya Group - and a significant landmark on the Indonesian club scene.





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