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One System's at Cedar Point Amusement Park

When Cedar Point decided to renovate its Midway area, they chose loudspeakers from One System's high intelligibility speaker range.

Together, Washington Professional Systems and Audio Design Solutions performed the site analysis, system design and installation.

The focal point of the Midway is the newly designed “Luminosity Stage”, a gathering place where guests are captivated by live music entertainment, lasers, lights and pyrotechnics after dusk.

Cedar Point is a multi-functional venue that requires highly intelligible speaker systems that perform well for announcements, pre-recorded and live music.

“Cedar Point is right off Lake Erie, so the loudspeakers are going to get hit very hard with tough Great Lakes weather, so we needed speaker systems that could withstand lake effect snow, wind and ice,” said Eric Choucroun, Account Executive at Washington Professional Systems.

Choucroun and Chris Evans, Owner of Audio Designs Solutions, configured the placement of the speakers specifically for each venue throughout the Midway.“The greatest challenge was figuring out how to cover so much square footage of park as evenly as we could," added Choucroun.

Speakers in the Midway Plaza include twenty truss towers with 212IM’s installed on each using One Systems PT70-2 pan and tilt/ pole mount brackets and additional 212IM speakers were installed with One Systems 212IM-U U-Brackets. “These are some of the best brackets we have found,” mentioned Choucroun.

The Luminosity Stage also includes One Systems Portable Outdoor Powered Systems (P.O.P.S.) that include POPS15s and POPSSubs, as well as two 106IM speakers, in addition to 48 212IM speakers installed throughout the park.

One Systems President, Doug MacCallum comments, “We are very happy to be working with Washington Professional Systems, and excited to be involved in supplying our highly intelligible, weatherproof speakers to Cedar Point"





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