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Poland’s Home of Musical Revue Updates Playout System

The Teatr Syrena in Warsaw translates as the Mermaid Theatre and it was founded in 1945 by renowned satirist, George Jurandot.

Originally in Lodz, it moved to its present location in the capital in 1948 and has survived until today as the leading venue for musical theatre, comedy and solo concerts. Recently it was decided that using individual disc players and manual cues was no longer practical in today’s fast-moving theatrical environment.

Marcin Bocinski, sound engineer at the theatre was asked about the choice of Merging’s Ovation Media Server & Sequencer just as the latest hit show, Hallo Szpicbródka was opening. “This whole show is based on the Ovation application handling as many as 114 music samples
which have to be cued precisely as the performance unfolds.

"Now we can do this with a Korg Nano Pad2 keyboard and use a Focusrite Saffire Pro24 connected via Firewire from the Ovation Laptop. You can imagine how difficult this would have been using our old Mini Disc machines.

"It was very stressful before, when we would be making late changes and finding that the Mini Discs would not read and then having to deal with the fiddly buttons on the individual machines. Directors and composers expect to make last-minute changes much more frequently
these days; I think it is a symptom of the instant internet society. With Ovation, to make a change is a few clicks of a mouse and we have all the sound design stored in the one place."

Marcin is now looking further ahead at other improvements that can be made. “Our next step is to replace the old analogue Midas console and find a suitable digital successor. We want to add Horus as the universal audio router and converter. We can connect Ovation, Pyramix
and the other equipment to the console and feed the loudspeakers from the Horus analogue outputs. We are also really excited about the Ravenna networking solutions that Horus can bring to our theatre.”





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