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Liverpool's Bierkeller Installs Traction Sound

The friendly Bierkeller overcomes difficult acoustics by choosing Traction Sound loudspeakers.

The Bierkeller Entertainment Complex is situated in the Liverpool One complex. The new venue is built in a large concrete room with lots of hard reflective surfaces creating a difficult acoustic environment. For the main hall Traction Sound loudspeakers were chosen and installed by ProScreens.

Paul Atherton of RW Salt, explained why this made Traction Sound's loudspeakers the obvious choice. “Their SDS range has low vertical dispersion which is perfect for acoustically difficult venues. You get less energy bouncing off reflective surfaces meaning better clarity throughout the hall. Also because of the long throw of Traction Sound's loudspeakers we were able to get away with less fill speakers which helped get the project in on budget.”

Liverpool's Bierkeller were insightful in the role sound quality plays in a venues atmosphere as Traction Sound's Billy Wood explained. “We often underestimate how much processing our brain does when listening. If you have lots of reverberation and distortion we have to think harder to unscramble everything. This extra thinking makes us tired and stressed putting us in a bad mood.

"Compression Drivers inherently distort due to diaphragm break up and wave steepening. We use an array of soft dome tweeters instead of a compression driver giving us less distortion and happier listeners. And after all, happy people is what the Bierkeller is all about.”

The front of house sound system in the main hall consists of four of Traction Sound's SDS12i Kodiak partnered with four BR18 Panda subs. Their are also four of their SDS8i Gobi loudspeakers as a delay fill. All loudspeakers are passive and powered by QSC RMX amplifiers. Loudspeaker management is done by an Allen & Heath iDR matrix mixer.





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