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One Systems at Freedom Park’s Heroes Amphitheater

One Systems was chosen for installation at Fort Sam Houston’s Freedom Park in its Returning Home Heroes Amphitheater near San Antonio, TX.

The newly constructed amphitheater serves returning heroes, their families, and invited guests for a gamut of events from live music, video playback, speeches, and BBQs. The installation includes One Systems 112IM and 118Sub-W speakers.

While searching for the right speaker systems for the new facility, the goal of the Returning Heroes Home staff was to insure that the speakers chosen delivered excellent speech intelligibility, pristine musical sound quality and weatherproofing. San Antonio Sound & Light was awarded the contract for the system’s design and installation.

“The amphitheater was designed for multi-use; everything from speech to movies. San Antonio Sound and Light used One Systems 112s and 118s weather-proofed subwoofers to accomplish the audio fidelity required for the space,” said Mark Stevens, President of San Antonio Sound & Light.

“We are pleased that our versatile speakers and their many mounting options are able to provide outstanding coverage for the Returning Home Heroes Amphitheater. We are truly proud of our men and women in the military and honored that our speakers have made a home where so many come for healing and refuge,” said Doug MacCallum, President of One Systems.





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