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Minsitry of Sound Backs SGM Strobes

Ministry of Sound in London has made its first investment in SGM’s XC-5 LED strobes as part of the club’s major annual upgrade.

Chris Thoms, Production Manager at the venue, placed the order for ten units with SGM UK after seeing a demonstration at the 2012 PLASA Show in London. The strobes were installed in the venue’s two main club rooms, the Box and 103, during the three week closure for refurbishment in January.
This year Thoms and his team focused their attention largely on reconfiguring 103, adjacent to the Box — deploying four strobes in the former space and six in the main club.
“We wanted to bring the clubbing experience in 103 in line with that of the main room and create a party atmosphere,” explained the Production Manager. “At the same time we needed an adaptable space that we could put a headline act in.”

“Having come from a club background strobes are de rigueur,” he continued, “However, at Ministry of Sound, we are quite limited on power and only have three phases of 200A to run the whole club — and conventional moving heads and strobes draw a lot of power. These seemed an ideal solution.”
Evaluating the XC-5’s, Thoms says he was initially intrigued that so much brightness could be generated from an LED source. “I realised we could use them in multiples without having to worry about gels and colour filters as you would with conventionals.”
The combination of weight, size and power advantages have enabled Thoms to specify more than he would have thought possible. “These have been easy to install on flown motorized trusses — four facing towards the centre of the dancefloor and two rear facing in the Box, with the remaining four in 103.”
“This has been a substantial investment designed to keep us ahead of the game and the SGM strobes are an important part of the overall refit,” he confirmed.





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