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Camden's Electric Ballroom Recharged with Avolites Media

One of London's iconic live music venues has invested in an Avolites Media Ai Media Server to recharge its visuals.

Camden's Electric Ballroom has installed an Avolites Media Ai T4 Media Server and is using it to serve the 3x2m lo-res LED screens which hang either side of the DJ booth, and the DJ box itself.

"Recently, the owner wanted to install a raised DJ box area in the main club, and discussed the idea of investing in a cutting edge visuals solution," said the venue's Technical Manager Steve Waterhouse.


"I have the DJ box 3D mapped into the server, with two projectors plugged into it beaming visuals directly onto the booth and across that area of the staging," continued Waterhouse. "The DJ box is up quite high, and the server is able to deal with the sloped hood above it.

"A great aspect is that the user interface is so intuitive; but of course with technology that pushes boundaries I'm still learning about the extent of the Ai's abilities."
Steve Warren, Managing Director of Avolites Media, said: "The last 12 months have seen our Ai Infinity Media Server deliver some of the richest and most electrifying visual feasts for some of the most stunning, internationally televised events and live performance shows on earth, andit's great to see that the abilities of the server are also being used to dramatically enhance the experience of clubbers in an iconic venue such as Camden's Electric Ballroom."





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