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Dutch Theatre goes Entirely ETC LED

A new theatre in Roermond, south eastern Holland, has been fitted out with entirely LED fixtures.

Incoming technical manager Maarten Janssen invested in 30 ETC Source Four Lustr+ and 22 ETC Selador Desire Lustr+ LED luminaires for its 244 seat theatre space, taking advantage of extra funding available for environmentally sustainable projects.

Janssen explained why he chose the ETC fixtures: “I saw the LED demonstrations on ETC’s YouTube video library. The fixtures have incredibly smooth fades, which I’ve never seen in any other LED fixture. And the range of colours is impressive.

“At the beginning, visiting theatre groups were suspicious of the capabilities of LED. But as soon as they see the power and versatility of these fixtures, they never fail to be impressed. I always discuss with them why the seven colour LED system is better than any RGB system, and they always leave with a big smile. The Source Four LED fixtures are just magnificent.”

Janssen added: “With the ETC LED fixtures, using one unit for all the colours needed, instead of one per colour, there’s no need for precious time to be taken up with rigging; instead, technicians can spend more time working on other aspects of the setup.”

The use of LED has been beneficial in helping to keep the room cool, continued Janssen: “For every thousand watts of lighting, we used to have 250W of air conditioning. Now, with almost no heat being emitted by the LEDs, we need far less climate control. Which means less energy usage both by the lights and the air cooling, and the performers are also more comfortable.”

Lightco Project Manager, Marnix Kulling, said: “The process by which Maarten specified the LED fixtures was a long one, in which he needed to garner the support of all types of different people, from technicians to funders. I was pleased to be in a position to supply him with data which would back up his decision making, and could help him prove that the ETC LED fixtures would be the right choice in the long term, both technically and financially.”






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