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Kinesys System Installed at Göransson Arena

Kinesys has supplied a complete automation system to the multi-purpose Göransson Arena in Sandviken, Sweden.

In use daily for sporting events and with an busy additional schedule numbering over 50 different events each year, the Arena’s management team sought a flexible rigging solution that would facilitate faster, easier and more efficient changeovers between the different uses.

The intention was to increase their capacity to stage more, and a greater diversity of, shows and events. Göransson Arena produced a specification that went out to public tender and was won by Norrkoping based Anderson & Co.

They worked closely with the Arena’s consultants Erik Westerlund & Kjell Aspman on the project, plus Göransson’s CEO Fredrik Granting who took the decision to purchase the Kinesys system together with Helena Wallbom.

Anderson and Co’s system design included 700 metres of Prolyte trussing, 72 x fixed speed 2 tonne double-braked CM Lodestar hoists with three Kinesys Elevation 24 channel positioning controllers, a 72-way Kinesys LibraCELL load cell infrastructure for monitoring plus a Kinesys’ Vector user-interface for overall control.

The trussing grid consists of a series of 33 metre long straight trusses made from Prolyte S52SV and H30V product, each flown on four hoists.
Each of the 72 hoists can be fully loaded, making it one of the largest capacity weight-loading rated venue flying systems in Europe.

A custom touch-screen version of Kinesys’ PC-based Vector control system was supplied, built into a Peli case for easy transportation and use in different locations around the venue.

The Vector graphical interface and software makes the system operation extremely straightforward and logical. The Arena’s trussing and hoist layout is replicated onscreen, and each motor can be simply selected and activated via the touch screen.

The project was co-odinated for Anderson & Co by Kim Ekblad, Product & Project Manager for their Mechanical Engineering Department. He undertook all the initial calculation and design work and oversaw the installation on site, which took four weeks and followed the extremely stringent Swedish standard SS 767 15 01-2 Machinery Directive to the letter.

The system design also included the installation of comprehensive cable
management, which enables three phase power to be dropped almost anywhere on the Arena floor, again greatly enhancing the potential functionality of the space.

Kinesys’ Dave Weatherhead and Andy Cave assisted in the final commissioning and initial system programming on site, and also conducted basic training with the Arena staff including main operator Patrik Höglenius. This was followed up by Anderson & Co’s own Kinesys training in Swedish, subsequent to their completion of Kinesys’ comprehensive product awareness training in London.

Kim Ekblad commented: “It has already proved an elegant and cost-effective solution that greatly increases the Arena’s ability to stage a dynamic range of events that is quick and practical to activate … and efficient on human resources”.





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