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Barcelona's L'Auditori Goes Midas

Midas Pro digital consoles have been installed in one of Barcelona's most prestigious music venues.

The magnificent L'Auditori is one of the Spanish city's most iconic cultural institutions dedicated to musical events. Midas' partner in Spain, Seesound S.L. supplied aPro6 digital mixing system for larger events, complemented by a Pro2 console for monitors and more intimate shows.

Carles Ribo, Product Manager for Seesound, commented: "L'Auditori wanted to implement the best possible audio quality with a user friendly control and flexibility. With this in mind, the technical team of L'Auditori immediately chose the digital Midas Pro Series, especially considering the sound quality the system delivers."

At the heart of the Pro Series, the PRO6 provides up to 64 simultaneous input processing channels. The ever-popular VCAs and POPulation groups allow efficiency and flexibility-particularly when dealing with large orchestras, which often require a large number of layers and channels.

The Pro2 is the ideal portable console for moving between different venues and spaces. With its intuitive interface and 64-channel capacity, it caters to a broad variety of performance needs, from simple setups to larger shows.

SeeSound invited Richard Ferriday, Brand Development Manager from Midas, to come to L'Auditori and personally demonstrate the advantages of the system, its control options and to answer to any questions in depth.

Richard added: "L'Auditori joins a fast-growing list of the world's most iconic venues who are taking full advantage of what we at Midas have to offer."





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