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Fohhn SoundLab Creates New 3D World

Fohhn Audio, together with spatial audio solutions provider IOSONO, has opened Europe’s largest state-of-the-art 3D audio demonstration facility in its Nürtingen-based SoundLab.

80 system integrators and sound designers recently attended a launch event in the SoundLab, where they were transported into a jungle soundscape to experience tigers stealthily moving alongside, monkeys swinging from tree to tree behind and parrots flying overhead.
The new SoundLab facility has grown out of the planning stages of another IOSONO project, during which the company tested loudspeakers from different manufacturers. Fohhn’s Linea LX-100 hybrid line source systems were deemed most suitable for that project on account of their superior sound quality, directionality and unobtrusive appearance.

The LX-100’s horizontal and vertical beam characteristics also lend themselves to a 3D installation that requires fewer systems, compared with the use of conventional speakers. From this project came the idea of the companies working together to create a permanent demonstration facility at Fohhn’s headquarters.
In comparison with conventional surround systems, the IOSONO 3D set-up offers more than a two-dimensional loudspeaker system with effects. Sound can freely move throughout the length, breadth and depth of the room and can also be positioned to create an impression of increased distance, from the gradual approach of a thunderstorm for example, to the apparent falling of raindrops directly on the shoulders of the listener.

From any position in the room, listeners are actively involved in a fully three-dimensional soundscape where atmospheric scenes are brought to life.
The Fohhn SoundLab installation features IOSONO’s IPC 100 Spatial Audio Processor and includes 24 LX-100 loudspeakers arranged in a ring, with 18 LX-10 nearfield speakers ceiling mounted at a highly precise distance. The loudspeakers have a special silver colouring to unobtrusively blend with the surroundings, while special housing and floor stands have been created for the LX-100 systems to enable all cabling to remain hidden.

Four AS-40 subwoofers and 12 DSP amplifiers round off the system. In this particular installation, the IOSONO processor guarantees simultaneous reproduction of 64 input channels. Accompanying software ensures easy system configuration, with real-time control of sound sources possible via the software’s Open Sound Control.
Commenting on the launch of the new 3D demonstration facility, Fohhn Audio Executive Director Jochen Schwarz said: “The feedback received so far has been extremely positive – the SoundLab has definitely wowed the eyes and ears of our visitors.”

Olaf Stepputat, CEO of IOSONO, who also attended the event, added: “Just like IOSONO, Fohhn is striving to bring the best possible sound to premium locations. Our next joint project is already scheduled and will take us to Switzerland.”





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