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EM Acoustics Tackles Audio at Allianz Park Stadium

As part of a £24m refurbishment project, the Allianz Park stadium in North London now sports a concert-standard audio system designed and installed by Richard Nowell of RNSS.

Working with audio consultant Roger Lindsey who was brought in by Saracens CEO Edward Griffiths, Nowell specified equipment from a number of manufacturers, including a significant amount of EM Acoustics equipment for the new East stand.
The brief from Griffiths, who has driven the project from its inception, was quite clear. He felt that rugby fans deserved better audio than that delivered by the often aging systems seen in many rugby grounds. His view was that expectations are higher now than they used to be thanks to the influx of technology into peoples’ homes and better, more sophisticated systems in most music venues. He wanted to be able to offer the same standard of audio to rugby fans visiting Allianz Park.
A major part of the system concerned the internal spaces including the new East grandstand and three other stands, all of which now boast hi-fidelity sound via EM Acoustics loudspeaker systems.

“We needed speakers for the interior spaces that would both look good and sound good,” explained Nowell. “We auditioned a variety of suitable units with the client and EM Acoustics came out comfortably ahead on quality, whilst staying within our budget.”
Nowell specified a total of 54 EMS-81X small format full range multipurpose loudspeakers, 34 of the slightly smaller EMS-61s and 15 EMS-112 passive subwoofers which were modified to enable them to be flown. The systems served to equip several areas including the 105m long interior space under the East stand which serves as a match day bar, indoor athletics track and training area.

There are also seventeen corporate boxes equipped with multi-source audio and local level controls and four function rooms with the same capability plus comprehensive full range audio playback from a variety of audio sources.
“EM Acoustics couldn’t have been more helpful in terms of a tight delivery timeline, custom finish and technical information,” concluded Nowell. “They met our budget requirements and the speakers were delivered on time and work perfectly for excellent results. The client is delighted.”





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