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Chalmers Students’ Union Invests in Robe

Chalmers University of Technology Students’ Union in Gothenburg, Sweden has invested in 12 new Robe LEDBeam 100s to add to its existing stock of Robe moving light fixtures.

The SU stages dance parties, concerts, dance and comedy shows, exhibitions, trade fairs and conventions in a busy schedule keeping their lighting and sound equipment in use every week.

The equipment is also available for dry hire to various student groups organising their own events, and so it's important that they have kit which is very flexible and robust.

All the money made by the SU on staging events is invested back into buying the latest equipment, which they keep updated with the latest and most appropriate technologies for their needs.

When Robe launched the LEDBeam 100 Andreas explained that they were attracted to their small size, light weight and minuscule power consumption - making it ideal for the various activities around the SU.

Before making the decision to purchase, they hired some LEDBeams and a competitor product for one of their big dance parties and ran the two products in a head-to-head comparison.

"They are so small, fast and mega-bright," said Andreas, “As well as perfect for using in all types of spaces as they can be rigged almost everywhere - and for multiple applications”. They were an immediate hit with the SU’s crews - many of whom also work in venues in and around Gothenburg.

The SU also purchased both 40 and 28 degree diffusion filters - which can turn the units into a wash fixture.

The LEDBeam 100s were delivered by the Gothenburg office of Robe's Swedish distributor Bellalite, complete with one 12-way flightcase which keeps them all neatly together.





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